Municipal Law Department

The lawyers at Rome McGuigan provide experienced, efficient and effective legal counsel to our municipal clients throughout central Connecticut. From advising local governments on charter revision to aggressively defending and trying multi-million dollar tax appeals.

We currently represent several towns as Town Attorney, responsible for legal advice regarding all aspects of Town operations and for representing the Towns in all administrative disputes and litigation. We have also represented various municipalities in specific matters including labor relations, workers' compensation, civil rights actions and employment litigation. The depth and breadth of our practice provides us with the skills and resources to solve virtually any legal problem a municipality regularly encounters. This results in consistent quality and efficient delivery of legal services.

The following matters provide insight into the depth of our experience:

Litigation: We have represented Towns in Federal civil rights litigation and employment litigation as well as various statutory claims made in State Court. We have also represented towns in breach of contract, warranty and negligence claims against vendors of various goods, including a multi-million dollar emergency radio system and athletic fields.

Tax Appeals: We have successfully defended appeals taken by the owners of nursing homes, hotels, office buildings, industrial facilities and elderly housing complexes.

Administrative Appeals: We have aggressively defended numerous Freedom of Information complaints and have been involved in assisting Towns in responding to audits by various State Agencies regarding the expenditure of public funds.

Zoning Appeals: We have represented Towns in appeals from Planning & Zoning, ZBA, Historical District and Inland/Wetland Commissions.

Referendums: We have drafted legal opinions regarding the validity of referendum questions and the procedures to be followed in considering petitions for ordinances or referendums.

Charter Revision: We have participated in the Charter revision process in numerous towns, providing guidance as to the process to be followed as well as in the drafting of charter provisions.

Ordinances: We have drafted comprehensive noise, lighting and design review ordinances and have been involved in the review and drafting of revised planning and zoning regulations and other local development plans.

Construction Claims/Disputes: We have been involved in the bidding and drafting of construction contracts and the negotiation and resolution of construction claims encompassing a wide spectrum of municipal facilities, including municipal buildings and athletic fields.

General Municipal Law: We have been consulted regarding all aspects of municipal administration and Parliamentary procedure, including Roberts Rules of Order.

In addition to our legal work, we develop strong relationships with the key people that are responsible for the day to day operations of the Town. Earning the trust of staff members by keeping the Town's best interests first is critical to our successful representation of the towns we serve. We use these relationships to efficiently and effectively provide counsel and solve legal problems as they arise.

The unique blend of our experience with the depth of our practice uniquely qualify us to appreciate and understand how to practice successfully all areas of municipal law.