Litigation Department

Experienced and Aggressive Litigation Representation

Our litigation and trial practice department is the largest practice area at Rome McGuigan. Our team of lawyers combines extensive investigative skills with substantial trial experience to carefully craft trial strategies suited to the demands of each particular case.

We are active in both state and federal courts, before state and federal administrative agencies, in tribal courts and in alternative dispute forums wherever required by our clients, whether in Connecticut, elsewhere in the United States or, increasingly, in Asia, Europe, South America and other parts of the world. Because of our combined experience, we are often asked by law firms across the country to serve as special counsel for:

  • Corporate investigations
  • International investigations
  • Litigation strategy in complex cases
  • Trial preparation
  • Trial strategy

Each case is assigned a senior trial attorney who, after reviewing the case and the litigation objectives with the client, assesses the prospects and the risks, formulates a budget with the client, and puts together a team and a strategy to accomplish the identified objectives. We communicate frequently with our clients to keep them informed of the status of cases and to involve them in discovery and trial strategy decisions.

We have long recognized the importance of technology in increasing our efficiency in staffing and servicing our cases. We were one of the early proponents of the benefits from conducting "real time depositions" and on-the-spot information retrieval and research. Our continued commitment to the use of cutting-edge technology reduces time spent researching cases and improves our ability to share back-up documentation on site with clients, judges and opposing counsel, helping us achieve our objectives of greater efficiency and better results.

While many of our clients hire us to respond to a crisis, we also develop methods to help them avoid future litigation. We regularly advise our clients on preventive measures, establish follow-up procedures to ensure compliance and provide ongoing guidance.

Of the over 20 litigation attorneys at Rome McGuigan, several of our attorneys are former prosecutors with extensive hands-on investigative and trial experience in prosecuting white collar crimes in Connecticut.

Connecticut Trial Lawyers

As evidence of their proficiency and commitment to their field, our lawyers are, or have been, members of the following:

  • Panel of Arbitrators for both the American Arbitration Association and Dispute Resolution, Inc.
  • National College of District Attorneys Board of Regents
  • Board of American Prosecutors Research Institute
  • Connecticut Defense Attorneys Association
  • Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
  • Defense Research Institute
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • American Board of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • International Association of Prosecutors

Our lawyers also serve or have served as Chief Prosecutor for Connecticut's Statewide Organized Crime Task Force, Chief State's Attorney for Connecticut, Chief of Connecticut's Environmental Crimes Unit, Chief Trial Attorney for Connecticut's Chief State's Attorney's Office, Executive Director of the Connecticut Council on Probate, Special Counsel to the Connecticut Bar Review Committee, and Special Master of the Connecticut Superior Court.

For more information about our litigation practice and how we handle these cases, contact a member of our legal team at Rome McGuigan today. 

Our team of trial attorneys looks forward to having the opportunity to apply its collective experience and ability to your litigation matters, including those listed below:

Corporate Litigation

Labor and Employment

Commercial Litigation

Litigation Management

Civil Litigation

  • Insurance defense
  • Negligence
  • Product liability
  • Professional malpractice
  • Land use and zoning
  • Administrative
  • Eminent domain
  • Airplane and boat crashes
  • Dram shop

Personal Litigation

  • Trusts
  • Property valuation
  • Workers' compensation
  • Civil rights violations

Our Litigation Team

When you require a lawyer, we encourage you to call right away. We are concerned about your rights and will fight to protect them. 

Our litigation and trial attorneys include: