Investigations department

Corporate Investigations

Businesses are increasingly being victimized from inside and outside of their organizations, requiring expert and sensitive investigation, research and strategies. Rome McGuigan has a team of attorneys experienced in conducting internal corporate investigations who have helped clients successfully recover money and property, and obtain injunctive relief and resolution of difficult relationships with disloyal employees

Theft of Trade Secrets, Accounting Fraud, Misappropriation and Other Corporate Crimes

Our Hartford internal corporate investigations attorneys have achieved results for clients in countless investigations. Our investigative efforts have resulted in the arrest, conviction and incarceration of individuals who have misappropriated:

  • Proprietary information
  • Computer technology
  • Industrial materials
  • Other property

From electronic countermeasures to retrieval of computer data, we have a track record of:

  • Resolving internal client issues
  • Identifying potential criminal conduct
  • Providing trial strategy and management to prosecute and defend complex litigation

Put Skilled Attorneys and Investigators On Your Side

Corporations are victimized, increasingly by aggressive business-related and directed acts both internally by executives and employees, and externally by ex-employees and competitors. Our Investigation Team works with companies to protect their proprietary information and other valuable assets. Our attorneys take proactive measures to uncover schemes to steal corporate intellectual property and other proprietary information, including schemes that solicit employees to divulge corporate confidential information. Using intelligence networks, we have successfully conducted investigations and designed internal security measures and countermeasures to prevent:

  • Security breaches
  • Theft of money and property
  • Misappropriation of proprietary information

Short of litigation-related discovery, it is often difficult to develop evidence of wrongdoing. A focused and professional investigation can produce the information needed to prevent a loss, confront a wrongdoer from a position of strength and provide the basis for legal relief.

Many of our most important cases have been resolved prior to engaging in costly litigation. We have found that a confidential settlement agreement is often the best way to resolve sensitive breaches of security.

Results-Focused and Thorough Corporate Investigations

How an investigation is conducted, including who conducts the investigation, can have consequences beyond just the results of the investigation. Recent lawsuits demonstrate that a corporate client can be held legally responsible for an improperly conducted internal investigation. Our experience in managing complex investigations and our working relationships with investigators throughout the United States and internationally enable us to insulate the client from, and reduce the risk of liability to, third parties. Our hands-on approach allows us to control clients' costs while producing superior results.

In addition to our investigative skills and experience, our efficiency in conducting investigations is enhanced by two other factors. We maintain a close working relationship with prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in Connecticut and throughout the country. We also utilize state-of-the-art technology to quickly retrieve critical information and manage the myriad documents that must be reviewed. This enables us to quickly access, analyze and organize information, and determine its relevance and reliability.

In this electronic age, we have successfully retrieved data from computer systems that others have tried to delete or block.

Upon completion of an investigation, we analyze the information and customize strategies for each case. Whether through the aggressive pursuit of litigation or the development of internal audits, follow-up or security procedures, the Rome McGuigan Investigation Team pursues solutions and results that respond to each client's particular needs.

The investigation services we provide include:

  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Employee misconduct
  • Executive investigations
  • Corruption
  • Abuse of office
  • Management integrity
  • Gray market, counterfeit products
  • Internal security audits
  • Civil and criminal trial preparation