We recognize that for many businesses the lifeblood of the company is directly tied to the business plans, proprietary information and intellectual property that they have painstakingly developed. We develop procedures and practices to prevent misappropriations of our clients' intellectual property and take immediate legal action should a breach occur. Over the years we have we have uncovered and prosecuted the theft of intellectual property for companies throughout the United States and in countries as diverse as Canada and China. We work diligently to ensure that trade secrets, trademarks, technology, copyrights and any other aspects of your intellectual property are effectively protected.

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Trade Secrets

Once a company has developed its own tools, such as software, documents or processes, these trade secrets need to be protected from misuse by competitors, independent contractors, and employees. In many cases, these protections are explicitly detailed in confidentiality and noncompete agreements. We are able to create and implement the use of appropriate contracts that incorporate intellectual property tools to protect your creative or scientific ventures and the trade secrets associated with your business.

Trademark, Patent And Copyright Litigation

Businesses can legally protect their IP through the trademark, copyright and patent process. When these rights are threatened by a competitor's unscrupulous tactics, Rome McGuigan vigorously acts to protect those rights and restore your hard-earned competitive advantage.

Out Intellectual Property Team

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 Our Intellectual Property Department Includes: