Criminal Defense

At Hartford-based Rome McGuigan, P.C., our attorneys are problem solvers. We provide comprehensive criminal defense counsel to clients charged with everything from motor vehicle violations and DUIs to sexual assault and murder. We help clients resolve underlying issues, overcome current legal hurdles and move forward with their lives.

Setting Clients Apart From The Pack

At Rome McGuigan, P.C., our attorneys know both sides of the coin. As former assistant state's attorneys, former state prosecutors and a former chief state's attorney, we know how to build comprehensive criminal defense strategies. We understand how prosecutors think and know which pretrial acts — such as counseling and treatment or anger management — prosecutors need to see in order to effectively deal with your case.

In defending against a criminal charge, preparation is key. Our criminal lawyers start building your defense the moment you walk through our doors. A successful outcome of your case drives our strategy.

From Assault To White Collar Crimes: Providing Comprehensive Criminal Defense To Clients Throughout Connecticut

For more than 30 years, our firm has been defending clients charged with a wide range of criminal offenses. From motor vehicle offenses and DWI/DUI charges to serious criminal offenses, including murder and sexual assault, our lawyers have the trial experience and legal knowledge necessary to help you overcome your current legal hurdle and move forward with your life.

Should your company become the subject of a criminal investigation, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your company and yourself. Our white collar criminal defense attorneys know how to thoroughly investigate your liability or your company's liability. We can handle cases involving mail and wire fraud, business fraud and embezzlement, to gather evidence and implement a strategy that will protect our clients' and their companies' interests.

As former prosecutors, the attorneys at Rome McGuigan, P.C., are fully cognizant of the impact a criminal conviction has on college or high school students. It can limit a student's educational and employment opportunities and negatively impact his or her lifelong goals.

As experienced litigators, our attorneys have successfully defended clients charged with drug charges, and those facing armed robbery and weapons charges. We also represent clients during domestic violence disputes.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys