Corporate Counsel Support

Providing Corporate Counsel Support in Connecticut and Across the U.S.

Most medium- to large-sized companies have some type of in-house counsel. Corporate counsel has numerous responsibilities, many of which can be large tasks on their own. In some instances, it may be beneficial for corporate counsel to look to enlist Rome McGuigan for support in legal matters. Our firm is skilled at handling a range of business legal matters and can provide the focused experience support corporate counsel needs. In addition, our attorneys have served in a full-time, in-house capacity for major corporations on short and long-term bases, as needed.

From administrative matters and governmental regulation compliance to intellectual property and commercial litigation, our attorneys have extensive experience representing and protecting the rights of businesses. We understand the large undertaking that many corporate legal issues can require and are able to act as outside in-house counsel for businesses on a one-time or on-going basis.

If you are in need of support and additional business legal services, contact a corporate counsel attorney at Rome McGuigan today to discuss our services.

Our firm has a staff of lawyers with in-house investigative support who can conduct corporate investigations and enlist the assistance of experts whenever necessary. This can include the investigation of business transactions that are on-going with another company, or internal investigations. We also handle any type of investigatory work that the corporate counsel for a business may require.

Criminal Allegations Against a Company

If your business is facing criminal allegations, such as embezzlement or fraud, it is important to seek outside counsel when handling these matters. This provides the opportunity for the company to be aggressively represented without any question as to conflicts of interest.

Our Corporate Counsel Support Team