Commercial Litigation & Bankruptcy Practice Group

Zealous Connecticut Commercial Litigation Representation

Rome McGuigan's commercial litigation and bankruptcy group provides comprehensive services to companies, financial institutions and others involved in major commercial litigation matters such as contract disputes, the restructuring and recovery of problem business credits, bankruptcy litigation and foreclosures.

Our attorneys deliver practical, results-oriented services designed to succeed. We have extensive experience in all aspects of the process, including negotiating, restructuring and re-documenting the credit, litigating loan collection actions, and representing clients in bankruptcy court, and have successfully handled multi-state and multi-country litigation matters in such industries as computer software, health care and high-tech electronics.

Our attorneys represented the owners of two nursing homes in connection with their state court receivership and successful sale to new buyers. We developed a novel approach to resolving the over $10,000,000 in secured and unsecured claims against the companies to allow for the sale of the companies' assets. The receivership was the first successful receivership under the new Connecticut statute, which limited the time for the sale or closing of a nursing home in receivership.

Clients want commercial litigation matters to be handled as cost effectively as possible. When a client needs speed and a quick result, we respond. When a client wants to exert maximum pressure on the other side, we mobilize our resources and focus our energy to press the process and demand attention. And when the client takes its "bet-the-company" litigation matter to us, we at Rome McGuigan get results.

Commercial Litigation Matters in Bankruptcy Court

Some of the most complex commercial litigation matters are dealt with in bankruptcy court. We represent creditors in attempting to recover their claims. We defend preference cases asserted by the debtor. We guide parties seeking to acquire assets from a bankruptcy court through the maze of requirements necessary to obtain good title to those assets. We apply our experience and our energy to efficiently achieve results that often exceed our client's expectations.

  • Our attorneys represented a senior secured lender in connection with its loans to a major nursing home operation. They successfully litigated a dispute against the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) concerning the priority of the lender's lien on the company's receivables. The lender was able to successfully obtain priority over the statutory lien in favor of the DSS.

  • Our attorneys represented a multi-national insurance company in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceeding for a software company in Dallas, Texas. Our attorneys also coordinated litigation through local counsel against the debtor's parent corporation in Taipei, obtaining attachments on all of the parent company's assets. We structured a settlement of both cases in which the assets under attachment by our client would be used to fund the bankruptcy plan, resulting in payment in full to our client on its settled claim.