Alternative Dispute Resolution

Traditional litigation is an expensive and time consuming process. Parties now look for an alternative to litigating in state or federal court, and choose Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The attorneys at Rome McGuigan have extensive experience in all areas of ADR, including the separate areas of mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration, representation of clients in ADR proceedings, as well as offering professional services as a neutral mediator or arbitrator, or as a private judge of matrimonial cases. Because of our success in making the complex simple and the time-consuming process streamlined, we have been repeatedly called upon by clients and fellow lawyers to assist them in navigating through the process. 

John Downey returned to the firm in April 2009 after serving eight years as a Superior Court Trial Judge. With over thirty years of experience in the courtroom, extensive experience serving as both plaintiff's attorney and defense attorney and resolution of hundreds of cases as a judge utilizing his varied experience as a litigator and his skills in listening, analyzing and persuading, John is able to relate to and gain the trust of those who bring their disputes before him.

Attorney Richard Banbury is a seasoned mediator and arbitrator, having been selected by the parties in hundreds of disputes covering commercial and tort matters. He has lectured at American Arbitration Association seminars, and his articles have been published by the American Arbitration Associations and the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association. Richard is also the author of the chapter on mediating personal injury cases in Connecticut Mediation Practice, edited by Professor Harry Mazadoorian of the Quinnipiac School of Law.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Team